Harald Taupe (c) Elias Jerusalem

„Master of Reindling“

"Reindling" baking at Taupes in St. Veit an der Glan

The Carinthian Reindling, a traditional yeast dough pastry, is not only a treat at Easter. The original Carinthian Reindling takes its name from the Reindl in which it was baked. That is why passionate Reindling bakers use a Reindl, usually made of baked clay, which is also decorated with Christian symbols.

The baking course "Master of Reindling" shows how a delicious yeast dough filled with cinnamon, sugar and rum sultanas is prepared and subsequently baked into the traditional Carinthian Reindling. In a convivial atmosphere, Harald Taupe gives tips and tricks and reveals many a secret about baking Reindling.

The culmination of the course is the awarding of the certificate. You can now call yourself a "Master of Reindling" and will receive the Reindling you baked yourself and a recipe folder to take home.

TIP: at Taupes Genussschmiede, the coffee is roasted in-house and a cup of Taupe's coffee goes perfectly with home-baked Kärntner Reindling.


Reindling backen in Taupes Genusschmiede Kärnten Werbung

Unterer Platz 13-14
9300 St. Veit an der Glan

T: +43 4212 30 777


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