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Successful companies generate value in many ways. One particularly productive way to do this it to do something good for other people.

Taking social responsibility into your own hands and exercising it directly promotes sustainability. That is simply how it should be. Our region stands for social cohesion and cooperation. Learn more about this and be inspired!
Business dedication with added value.

A corporate volunteering initiative provides an effective impulse for the sustainable development of your company. Working together not only promotes awareness of responsible behaviour amongst all employees, but the purpose of the activity and the satisfaction at completing it also strengthen team spirit.

With the Verantwortung zeigen! (Show Responsibility!) network, real professionals are at your company’s disposal to assist in making your corporate volunteering initiative a success and, at the same time, to increase the value of your operation in Carinthia.

Choose from a variety of options to get involved in. From nature conservation or an excursion with elderly people or people with disabilities, to a workshop with young people or helping to cook at the local day centre for homeless people.

It´s worth it - for you and for others.


Change your perspective and feel inspired.

Get your company involved in just 3 steps

1. Select your project from a list of possibilities to get involved in.
A selection of projects will be especially compiled for you ahead of time. A list of the diverse possibilities can be found below.
2. Create a plan for your chosen project.
A project checklist ensures that everything is well planned and well thought out. The team from Verantwortung zeigen! will be on hand during the preparation phase, to assist and pave the way.
3. Then, get started.
Give your time, effort and attention and gain new experiences in return. Whether it’s a half day or a whole day, live by the motto of Chance your perspective and feel inspired.

From the beginning, you decide

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Nature conservation day.

  • Removal of neophytes (non-domestic plants) in cooperation with a nature conservation organisation; possible throughout Carinthia
  • Cleaning out bat dwellings in church towers
  • Reforesting of young forests following storm damage to help farms

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Explore Carinthia together

  • Accompany people with disabilities to a local dairy.
  • Bake bread at a farm together with people with mental illnesses
  • Invite children from a “Lerncafé” to go on a trip with you to discover a ‘new world’. Whether it’s to Expi, the house of experiments in the Rosental valley, or the House of Wonders in Gmünd – there are some fascinating destinations waiting for you.
  • Assist people from an old people’s home on a boat trip on one of Carinthia’s lakes or on a nostalgic journey on a steam train.
  • Join people with disabilities on a hike and experience the beauty of Carinthia together.

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Take time to slow down and show patience

  • Visit the dementia ward at the Klinikum Klagenfurt hospital and give people with dementia a little of your time and attention whilst baking cookies or making apple strudel.
  • Arrange a reading aloud day or a musical day for old people – poems, fairy-tales or songs. It’s about being together and taking time.
  • Share your experiences and knowledge from your work and private life to enrich the lives of disabled people or children.

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Lending a hand

  • Donate a new sandpit to a children’s residential care home, and install it for them.
  • Plant an edible hedge near a children’s residential care home or put in a herb garden or a new wheelchair-accessible raised bed.
  • Tidy up the grounds at a local children’s residential care home using hedge trimmers and lawnmowers.
  • Repaint or redecorate the common room of a day centre or youth centre.

What can be achieved – for you and for others.

Good for the company.
Good for the team.

  • Fun and enjoyment.
  • A very special team experience.
  • Consciously slow down and change your perspective
  • Individual experiences that are guaranteed to be memorable
  • An insight into the parts of society that otherwise remain hidden.
  • The great feeling of having done something worthwhile.
  • Experience an inclusive and diverse society first-hand
  • Having something special to talk about, to top it all off.

Good for charities
Good for the people they care for

  • Fun and enjoyment.
  • Experiences and outcomes that would not be possible without volunteers
  • Additional time and helping hands. This is what there is often a lack of within these organisations.
  • Contact with people from the world of business, who bring with them experience and knowhow. This makes the shared experience of an inclusive and diverse society possible and strengthens self-esteem.
  • Valuable lobbying for the services that charitable organisations provide.

Carried out by responsible hands

An outstanding setting with memories-to-go

Of course, showing responsibility can develop into something of an event. The cool event wristbands for everyone taking part are a small symbol of solidarity with those being helped. And they serve as a reminder of this during the conference as well as long afterwards.

Your involvement will also be visible on social media; photos and videos of your involvement can also be provided, if desired. This offers you a comprehensive package for your efforts.

Costs for the framework organisation, depending on project and size of team:

For a project with up to 10 people €1,500, per additional 10 people €1,000. Prices before tax.
Included in the price:

  • Custom-made project suggestions
  • Support in the preparation of your initiative
  • Event wristbands for all participants
  • Social media postings of your initiative
  • Photos for further use free of charge (not studio quality)
  • Continual professional project monitoring and support, also on-site if desired

Material costs for the projects (bus and entry fees, costs for food and drink) are not included in the organisational fee. These will be discussed during the preparation discussions and passed on without any further surcharge. The same applies to any travel costs that arise for project visits.

A detailed offer and project suggestions will be provided within 5 working days following your enquiry.
Project preparation time: at least 3 months.

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9020 Klagenfurt am Wörthersee

T: 0463 50 77 55-0


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